Biographical Note

Alberto Castro Leñero was born in Mexico City in 1951. He studied painting and engraving in UNAM’S San Carlos Academy, in Mexico City, and in the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy.

In the late seventies he began to exhibit his work in national and international museums and cultural spaces, like the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the Palace of Fine Arts, the San Carlos Academy, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Saitama, Japan, and also in Mexican art collective exhibitions, such as “Mexico: 300 Years of Splendor”, in the Petit Palais or the Space Cardin in Paris, France.

He was a professor of visual experimentation in UNAM’S National School of Plastic Arts, and has taught painting workshops and courses in several schools and cultural centers in Mexico.
Within the context of Mexican art, his pictorial work is placed in the crossroads of new figuration, pop art, and abstract expressionism.

His first works employed drawing, painting and metal engraving techniques, before tackling sculpture. He has created permanent murals for public spaces such as the Mexico City subway.

Juan García Ponce, Teresa del Conde, Alberto Blanco, Raquel Tibol, Olivier Debroise, Jorge Alberto Manrique, David Huerta, José Manuel Springer, and Sylvia Navarrete, among many other authors, have written about the work of Alberto Castro Leñero.

At present, using painting and video as starting points, he creates installations conceived as a way of interrelating diverse languages.

He holds a grant from the National System of Creators.


photography by: Manuel Zavala Alonso